Just in time for Valentine’s day. The goddess of Love.

Greetings to all. Today in my African culture section I will be talking about the Goddess of Love. Normally when I was growing up, I only knew about Greek legends so I was informed only about Aphrodite. But as I got older I started to do more research and learned about the hundreds of Orishas(gods and goddesses) or African Yoruba culture. The culture still worships these deities so I will give them some highlight.

Today I want to talk about the beautiful Goddess of love Oshun.  She is one of the most popular of the deities and is associated with sexuality, fertility, pleasure, beauty, and the rivers. She is the patron of the Osun river in Nigeria, which still bears her name today. In the creation story, she and the other deities were sent to set up the world but when the men ignored her, she formed a group of women endowed with special power. When the men didn’t succeed they asked the father of all Olodumare why they failed. He told them that they fail because they didn’t have Oshun and that anything that is done without the aid of women will always fail. After this they sought her out and begged for her help.

She is one of the wives of the thunder god Shango and is said to be one of his favorites. Her devotees leave offerings to her at bodies of fresh water like rivers and streams. Her colors are gold/deep yellow, white, and green. She is also said to be the most beautiful of the Orishas where everyone desires her.


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