The God of Thunder! But not the one you’re thinking of.

Hello everyone it’s Dennis from Wisdom From Fiction and i’m here with another blog about African culture. As I have mentioned before in other posts, I am a HUGE fan of comics and anime. The nerd in me just loves imagining the life of a superhero. It’s still a dream of mine. Don’t judge me. Now when you hear the title “God of Thunder” what is the person you mostly think of? If you are one of the marvel movie fans or love the Vikings then you would answer with “Oh he’s talking about Thor from Asgard”. Well your response isn’t incorrect. Because of media representation, Thor has been seen in many comics, cartoons, and movies over the years and is considered to be a widely popular character. But with most deities in different cultures, there’s always influences and similarities present in others. When I was young I had a comic that showed a battle Thor had with another thunder god. He was an African god and they seemed to be pretty evenly matched. I thought he was cool so I went to research about him and to my surprise he is also a very powerful deity that is still worshiped to this day in other cultures. So let me introduce a discussion today about the Yoruba orisha of thunder, Shango.shango

Shango (or chango) is known as the God of thunder, fire, lightning, and pretty much anything that resembles masculinity. He is known as a powerful warrior who is said to have been the fiercest in battle. He is always mentioned as carrying around a double headed ax into battle that is a symbol of power and self control. He was the third king of the Oyo empire that is located in Nigeria today. He was said to be such a great king that he was believed to be one of the Orishas in Yoruba culture. When he died he was said to have transcended and became one of the orishas. Today he is still worshiped by millions of people that are in places like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, etc. He has three wives that are called Osun, Oya, and Oba. Oya is said to be his favorite and I did a post that compares her to storm so please go check that out for more info.

I personally find Shango to be the most interesting out of the other yoruba gods. I love his story and his symbol of power and intelligence. Although in some stories he does make alot of mistakes. In one story he even had to crossdress as a woman to recover lost goods. It is truly interesting. There are HUNDREDS of African Gods from many different cultures and regions and even hundreds within the Yoruba Orishas. I might not be able to cover them all but I will try my best to get to my top favorites. Please let me know if there are other Orishas you wish to know about .


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