Black Lightning ep 5 spoiler review. easter eggs

Hello again everyone i’m back again with another black lightning review and OMG that episode last night was amazing. The show has been picking upon the excitement level and more clues seems to be answered every week. So lets dive in to the crazy moments.

The first thing I want to talk about is Anissa. I love how they gave her the first version of her costume in the comics. When she was sneaking around with the outsiders in the comics she wore a blonde wig so her father would never know she was a hero. I love that little nod to that. Also it seems like she is going on her own journey to explore the truth about her grandfather and where their powers came from. It seems they’re adding the black lightning year one storyline with her grandfather being an investigative journalist. In the original version of the comics he was just a grocery store clerk that got shot by a stray bullet. In the Year One storyline he was killed when he was investigating Tobias Whale and he was assassinated when he figured out too much.Anissa_Pierce_003

I loved that backstory that we got for Tobias Whale. Seeing how he grew up with an abusive father that neglected him for his albinism was truly a great way to humanize his character. That seems to be a made up version of his story since in the comics his entire backstory is unclear. He was just a typical bad guy that wanted money and power like other typical bad guys. Adding that amount of depth to his character is another reason why I like this show. The way he broke his father’s back with that hug while telling him about his faults was really cool. We also found out he takes a type of super drug that keeps him from aging. That drug is probably also responsible for how he is so strong as it appears he has enhanced strength. I can’t wait until more about that is uncovered.

The Lady Eve character played by Jill Scott is a promising villian. The inner circle she is working with seems like they are pushing Tobias into a corner. Sending him those crushed up bones was crazy to see. In the comics her character was more of a minor character that was apart of this evil organization called Kobra, and no not the one from GI Joe. It seems like they are using a formula that brings people back to life as we saw with that body she was pumping up last episode so I can’t wait to see what they will do with that storyline. black-lightning-casts-jill-scott-as-dc-villain-lady-eve

It also seems like Gambi has some ties with Tobias Whale. I personally think he is just looking out for Jefferson’s well being. In the comics he was an enforcer for the mob so he was pretty big in the criminal underworld which explains why Tobias knew him already. It seems that he was working for the company that Lady Eve was working for which is why Tobias didn’t touch him and his sister scolded him. Most people say he’s a traitor but i think it’s much deeper than that cause like we’ve seen in this episode, jefferson goes batshit crazy when it comes to tobias whale since he believes he’s responsible for the death of his father. In the comics it was Gambi who accidentally killed his father so maybe that’s why he’s hiding it from Jefferson.

My last thing to talk about is his “black signal” reference. I instantly laughed because of that nod to the batman comics. Alot of the shows nod to batman even though they can”t have the character due to copyright. Overall it was a great episode and I am looking forward to more. It won’t be coming on next week since it’s taking a break for the Olympics but i’m looking forward to more. Let me know your favorite part of the episode and if you enjoyed my review so I can keep doing them.


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