My thoughts on Black Lightning show. Spoiler Review eps 1-4

Hello again everyone it’s Dennis from wisdom from fiction with another review about something superhero related. Most people that know me know that I am a huge fan of anything comic book related. I am a huge nerd when it comes to those sorts of things. I still have the dream of becoming a superhero someday. Don’t judge me. Today I wanted to talk about a character that I really enjoy in the comics that was even apart of the justice league: Black Lightning. black-lightning_final

What I am enjoying the most about the show is that it has a different feel to it then the other CW shows. I hear that the reason for that is because of how the show was originally going to appear on FOX but they decided it best for CW. I feel like that was the best decision because I still hope for a crossover with all the shows in the future. The show follows Jefferson Pierce as a retired Olympic gold medalist that now runs a school as a principal. He is also a retired hero who has been out of the game for 9 years after an epic battle he almost died from. After certain circumstances lead to his daughters lives and the lives of his students, he must once again get back into the crimefighting career and protect the people of his neighborhood from the gang that plagues it.

I love the dynamics between all of the characters. His daughters have personalities that are opposite of each other and compliment the powers they have. Those that read the comics know that his oldest daughter Anissa becomes a hero known as Thunder and his youngest daughter becomes lightning. Thunder is more grounded and mature while lightning is more wild and hard to control. Hence why I said their opposites of each other. His oldest daughter has gotten her powers and it seems like she will have hero own journey into a superhero happening without her father’s knowledge. I think they will eventually work together but I don’t see that happening until later down the line. He still has to get back used to his abilities.

I love the pace of the show and they aren’t afraid to kill people off quickly. It feels more grounded in reality. The pace seems much faster and a little more action then Luke cage had. Probably because unlike cage, black lightning isn’t bulletproof. I also feel that Tobias Whale seems to be a promising vilian so far so I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Please let me know if you would like more detailed reviews and easter eggs that I find in the show that are in the comics.


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