God of War- Ogun

Hello everyone i’m back again with another addition to my African Culture section. When I was a child I used to watch many things that showed tough warriors like Hercules and Achilles, and always wanted to be strong and powerful as they were. I used to love reading about greek stories and myths but because that was never truly apart of my culture, I couldn’t necessarily relate to it as much as others. That still didn’t stop me from cosplaying as Hercules at one comiccon but i digress. As I got older I started to do research on many different cultures that related to my heritage as a man of African descant and I found many interesting warriors and Gods of african origin. One of the God’s I studied was the Yoruba Orisha known as Ogun.


Ogun is known as the god of war and metals in Yourba faith. He is highly important among the other Orishas because it is said that he led the pathway to Earth for the Orishas using nothing but his axe and assistance from a dog. He was first known as the hunter Tobe Ode, and the reason for making his way to earth was to find a suitable place for all of human life. He was the first king of Ife and because some of his subjects didn’t show him respect he killed them and himself with his own sword. Instead of truly dying, it is said that he became one with the earth and will help any warrior that calls on his name.


What I love most about Ogun is that he is a badass warrior. Just like the thunder god Shango, Ogun was an unbeatable warrior that appeared as a god among men. He is a deity that is associated with hunters, warriors, and blacksmiths. He is symbolized by iron and is present today in all things that are created using the minerals of the earth. Many festivals with Ogun are celebrated and features knives, scissors, and even guns. He is strong and brave and represents the warrior mentality. I definitely recommend reading more about him. He is truly strong and would give people like Hercules and Achilles a run for their money. Please check out other influences from African culture that I review and check out more things from other cultures I look at as wisdom can be pulled from all cultures.


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