Father vs Daughter.! Black Lightning ep 6 spoiler review

Hello everyone and WOW. That was an awesome episode of Black Lightning. The episode was filled with many good moments that involved deep talks between father and daughter and also great action. I really liked when Jefferson told Jennifer about how no one can define what it is to be black and how black is everything under the sun. A very powerful message indeed when alot of people in the community bully others for being their true selves and not following the norms. I remember people saying i’m not black enough for watching things like anime. I’m really glad the show doesn’t stray away from deep topics that go on in the world currently. Now let’s discuss some of the big points in this episode.


First off we get to learn more about Gambi’s past. In the comics he was a big mob enforcer who was throughly responsible for the death of Jefferson’s father. It seems in the show he’s hiding the fact that he has ties to Tobias and lady Eve. We learn that he supposedly  trained Lady eve to be who she is today. Her story is much different in the comics so i’m interested in seeing what they do with her character and the organization she works for. Tobias_Whale_Promotional_Photo

We also get to see that Tobias is alot older than we originally thought. We see that he is an older man by the time Jefferson was a little child. It was mentioned by Tobias’ father last episode that he takes a formula that keeps him from aging. There hasn’t been much evidence on the formula but it must have ties to the research that Jefferson’s father was working on. I’m sure that will be uncovered as Anissa digs more and more into the truth. Tobias also has Kahlil about to undergo a process that could make him walk again so we might be finding out more about these experiments. anissa-thunder-black-lightning

Now the big shock is father vs daughter. I was blown away by the fight Jefferson and Anissa had. We get to see how Anissa can basically become bullet proof like she is in the comics. He trained both of his daughters how to defend themselves so it was interesting to see it get put to the test against himself. I loved when she did that backflip to avoid his sweep kick. Her body is also not really affected by his blasts so that was interesting to see. I also loved how rebellious she was this episode and how she destroyed the confederate monument. It really defines more of her character as a rebel doing whatever it takes for the people. I look forward to seeing more. Please let me know your favorite moments from the episode and how you enjoyed the show.


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