Working together but also allowing room to grow. African Proverb breakdown

Hello everyone this is Motherland Wisdom where I breakdown proverbs from all over the diaspora in my own words. When I started to embrace more of my heritage, I figured it was imperative that I sought the wisdom of different cultures across the diaspora to apply to my daily life and for me to carry throughout the rest of it. After reading many books and old tales I came across one of my favorite quotes from the Bantu people of central africa. The quote is “Chakula Ili Wazo” which translated means ” the earth is a beehive”.

I enjoy this quote because it best describes everyone across the planet. In a beehive the colony works together to maintain the hive and make sure that is prospers long. Even though they work together, each bee resides over different cells and sections away from the other. Although they are in different sections of the hive, when the colony is in danger they will all work together to defend the hive. Humans can learn alot from these creatures. It is important that we all take time to respect each other’s differences and come together in times of need. No matter what culture or race we are, we all share this planet. That means we are all obligated to take proper measures to ensure the prosperity of our home and preserve it for future generations. No matter what religion you have, or nationality, or ethnicity, we are all human and as humans we must ensure the future of our home that we all share while respecting the different “cells” people reside in. Only together can we all prosper. Peace and love.


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